Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Fight the Fiction: With Political Lies Running Rampant, Outspoken Psychedelic Folk FunkstersPilgrim SpeakeasyCall Out Dishonest Politicians in “Unbelievable”Single

Europe’s troubadours of truth, the psychedelic folk funk collective known as Pilgrim Speakeasy, are taking on dishonest politicians with their stinging new single “Unbelievable.”Both an expression of incredulity towards current political elites and a statement on their attempt to “pass off fiction for reality,” “Unbelievable” is the first single from Pilgrim Speakeasy’s forthcoming album Freak Deco. According to music blogger Jani Ekblom, Pilgrim Speakeasy present “an irresistible musical visionwhere genres and styles mix and live together in harmony." 

According to Mika Roth of, Pilgrim Speakeasy excel at mixing and matching a variety of genres:
“Pilgrim Speakeasy make the impossible possible by combining influences adopted from an enormous field and crafting them into a living, breathing entity. They sum up nearly everything ever done in rock into a new collage with mystic-political messages that drill straight into the listener’s brain.”

Pilgrim Speakeasy began as the “freak-powered vehicle” for the expressions of a psychedelic troubadour, Roger Roge, a Scotland-born expatriate currently residing in Finland. Although solely producing albums since 2000, Pilgrim Speakeasy remain an open entity that has welcomed the talents of esteemed contributors from many countries, including Brazil, Senegal, United Kingdom, Columbia, Finland, Sweden, and Denmark.

At present, the Pilgrim Speakeasy collective consists of Roger Roge, Panu Mölsä (bass, ukulele), and Markus Mulkahainen (drums, percussion). The project is currently putting the finishing touches onFreak Deco, the follow-up to the group’s acclaimed Lo-Fi Love at the Park Cafe album.

For more information on Pilgrim Speakeasy, visit their social media: FACEBOOKYOUTUBETWITTER

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